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About Rønhave

In August 2003 Hans and Marianne Iversen bought the farm from the Government. At that time the farm was used as an experimental farm. Since the acquisition the farm has been used to rental, but the desire to create more activity on Rønhave which once was full of life stayed in their considerations.

In the autumn 2010 the eopportunity arose. Their daughter Susanne Iversen thought it would be exciting to transform Rønhave to a place where local and foreign people could enjoy the surroundings. After Susanne finished her education she moved back to Sønderborg and the project could begin.

It became a big and exciting renovation where the first floor kept only the raw walls and we found objects which had been beneath the floor and on the ceiling for many years.

In June 2011 the first three apartments was ready. A year after all eight apartments was ready to receive the guests.

By opening the doors at Rønhave we hope that we can create a great place where it is possible to enjoy the nature, the old farm and to relax while getting ready for a new day.

Hestehave 20, 6400 Sønderborg
CVR 68517311
+45 61 319 419