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An old radio and some old pictures create the atmosphere

24-01-2018 08:36
by Reklamehuset
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Atmosphere in the breakfast room

Treasure hunt in charity shops

Grandmother's corner cabinet

My old grandmothers had a lot of exiting stuff in the attic and in the barn. We made a big garage sale of a lot of it but we also saved some and it has given a twist to the rooms here at Ronhave. We have been especially happy about the old books, which decorate many of the rooms. Some of the books are from my grandfather’s time in school, which was under World War I. The education was at that time in German because the Southern part of Jutland was a part of Germany. The beautiful corner cabinet, which is placed in the entrance, is from my grandparents’ dining room. It has obtained some patina from the time where the living rooms/dining rooms where only heated a few hours before use.

But I have also been lucky to find some good stuff at flea markets and charity shops. The old radio, the Poul Hartling (a former Danish Prime Minister 1973-75) moneybox and an old painting in the breakfast room is just some of the stuff I have found. The old glass jars placed in the windowsills in the rooms are also found in a very special charity shop. The shop is placed in a small village here at Als (the name for the part of south Jutland that you enter when you cross one of the two bridges in Sonderborg) called Helved. A lot of people wonders when they hear the name because the name is quite similar to the Danish word for hell (“Helvede”) and the pronunciation is identical. “Oh that shop – yeah I know that one. Is it placed in Hell..”!?). However, the charity shop is quite big and luckily called “Hørup Genbrugsbutik”. Hørup (Hoerup in international letters) is the name of the bigger village close to Helved and Genbrugsbutik is the Danish word for charity shop. It is driven by volunteers but not associated with any organizations. It gives however money each year to different things in the local area. I like that thought and because of that I also enjoy to support it. Fortunately I am not the only one who likes to visit the shop and sniff around among all the stuff. The place is quite popular.

At an old farm as Ronhave it is important that both the inside and outside is in harmony and that it points in the same direction. The charm and a nice detail is very central, but at the same time the daily function has to work too. The old radio in the breakfast room is just something and many of our guests have noticed the earlier mentioned Poul Hartling moneybox as well. Some things just have this specific ability or gift. It is special and you just know when you find it on your treasure hunt.

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