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Awareness of food waste

24-01-2018 08:36
by Reklamehuset
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The awareness of food waste has a great significance for us at Ronhave

Breakfast at Ronhave

Everybody has to contribute and therefor it is important for us to minimize our food waste every single day.

Since our opening in 2011 we have chosen to serve our breakfast at the tables where every breakfast platter is made personally to every guest who comes here to eat. We think that it gives the best experience to the guest and we have received many words of praise from our guests who love the personal service and the freshly made food that hasn’t already been on the table for hours just because you enjoy to eat a late breakfast. Food that is supposed to be cold is cold and food that is supposed to be hot is hot.

By only making breakfast to the number of guests that actually wish to have breakfast we can limit the amount of food waste significantly. Other than that by ordering our breakfast our guests can inform us about specific wishes about breakfast so that we can organize the platter to the guest. If you have gluten allergy, are a vegetarian or just doesn’t eat cheese or a specific type of cold sliced meat it is possible to change that and hereby minimizes our waste even more.

We are also very aware of using Danish commodities in the extent it is possible for us. The transportation of the food is limited and because the Danish commodities are among the best in the world - conventional or organic. We prefer to support the local suppliers as well because we know them, have close contact to them and can vouch for the quality of their products.

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