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Homemade egg warmer

11-02-2020 09:30
by Susanne Iversen
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Egg warmers on our breakfast plates.

 We place great emphasis on personality and homely comforts at Rønhave. We are constantly trying to come up with something new or even create something new ourselves. Most things are chosen with care, so we get exactly what we want. We do a lot to put a personal touch on everything out here. 
Update of old egg warmers from Grandma Marianne
We've been using egg warmers for a long time, made by Grandma Marianne, all the way back to the '60s. They've been really good and didn't really make a mistake. We really would have made some identical, but as many probably know, plans often change along the way. It wasn't really because they couldn't hold on anymore, but we needed more and getting fabric in the same color was impossible.
Therefore, new ones should be produced and we would like to make them ourselves, rather than buying them. In this way we could determine color and shape sovereignly. Besides, we now have something no one else has.
We really wanted to make some in the same shape, but out of the way the design and material were updated. Therefore, it became 25 new egg warmers in gray felt. Easy to work with and you can easily make them at home too. We put in a little green cord to give them a little feminine touch and some color.
If you have the courage to make them at home, here's a recipe.
We used gray felt. If you want it too, remember to look for the thickness. Unfortunately we got a couple of pieces that were 1 mm thicker than the others, which made them difficult to work with.
Cut out squares in 17 cm x 15.3 cm. Then sew them together so that the short ends are over each other. We chose to fold them twice in the top and glue them with glue gun. Make sure you don't get too much glue.
We put the cords in after but recommend that you put them in when folding. Getting a needle through the fold was very difficult. You can decorate with pearls on the string or completely omit it.
Put your own touch on them and bring unique egg warmers to the table.

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