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For those who love the nature

28-01-2020 09:44
by Susanne Iversen
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 Today is for those who love the nature...

 We think that you already know we have a lot of possibilities to relax and enjoy the nature here at Rønhave but...we want to remind you some of them

Our garden is always beautiful no matter what season the calendar shows. The frost lying on the lakeshore,the green buds on the branches, sunbeams in the water at summer, or the orange colors of the leaves in autumn.

You are welcome to use the part of the park which lies between the yard and the lake. At the lake it is possible to see ducks, coots, swans and fish. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. The lawn between the main house and the road is, in consideration of Rønhave's permanent tenants, private. We hope you will respect that.

From here is a moat, which leads to the other part of the park. You are very welcome to use this part of the garden as well. This part is more closed and undisturbed where you can enjoy the silence. 

The terrace in the yard is for the convenience of Rønhave's guests. Likewise there are two terraces in the garden. One next to the old waterworks towards the yard and one further back in the garden next to the moat. These are also for general use. We will be glad though, if the garden furniture remains at the terrace. 

The terrace includes two grills which are for the convenience of the guests at Rønhave. It is not allowed to move the grills from this terrace.

The terrace next to the farmhouse and lake and the terrace right beside the driveway are private and may therefore not be used by the guests at Rønhave.

From Rønhave it is possible to go for a walk to the beach or fishing . The path is on the other side of the road the lake opposite. There are tables and brenches for the use of all. The beach is facing west and is therefore perfect if you wish to enjoy the sunset and the sky with the most beautiful color. 

There are lots of possibillities for angling from the coasts at Als. You will need a fishing licence to do this which can be bought at the Tourrist office in Sønderborg. 

 There is also ample opportunity for you and your loved ones to go for a ride on a bike if you wish a longer trip. If you do not bring your own bike it is possible to rent one in the city at the Tourrist office.
Haven't convinced you yet?        I hope so?




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