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It is finally time..

24-01-2018 08:36
by Reklamehuset
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Projekt blog - sæt i gang

The consideration of making a blog has been in our heads for a long time but how should we do it? What did we want it to contain? And did we actually have the time for it (because it sure does take some time)?

But after our guests continuously asked for recipes over the last 5-6 years and we time after time send them by e-mail we thought it might be easier for us, as well as the guests to be able to refer to our website instead.

Our primary job at Ronhave is of course to service our guests, make breakfast, clean and read and process reservations and requests. But we do a lot of other stuff as well.

Especially in the winter we try to make sure that Ronhave during the year is a nice and cozy place to be. Especially now that we are in our 7th season. Besides repairing damages and eventually replacing our inventory it is also extremely important for us to constantly update and develop so that it continuously will be a nice and exiting experience to stay here.

Therefor we also use these months to make small projects e.g. sowing new pillows and egg warmers, paint furniture and walls and of course decorate with nice stuff matching the specific season. We constantly develop our breakfast and try out new recipes. It is crucial for us never to stall in the development.

We have had a dream of gathering all our thoughts and projects in one place and now it is time.

We hope that you would like to follow us and use our recipes or the small projects for inspiration.

Happy reading J

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