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Ronhave buns

24-01-2018 08:36
by Reklamehuset
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Buns with grains and carrots – freeze suitable

One of the best things in the morning is homemade, warm buns. Therefor the buns that we serve at Ronhave is always homemade. Likewise when we arrange events we always use our own buns with “RønhaveSlagteren”’s (the butcher shop at the place’s) cold sliced meat and the local apple juice.

We have received a lot of positive response on the buns and some of our guests has asked for the recipe.

The food culture and the interest in health has changed since we opened in 2011 and the recipe has therefor also changed a bit over time but the basics are still the same. We have added some more coarse flour like grahamflour, whole-wheat flour and finely ground ryeflour. The carrots is usually a part of the dough and the grains vary according to the mood and the contents of the drawer.



50 g yeast

5 dl water (warm)

2 eggs

2 dl sunfloweroil

100 g sugar

50 g pumpkinseeds

50 g sunflowerseeds

50 g linseed

2 medium sized carrots (coarsely grated) (optional)

2 tsp salt

100 g grahamflour

100 g whole-wheat flour

200 g finely ground ryeflour

450 g flour (wheat)


Disolve the yeast in the lukewarm water and mix the rest as listed above. Be sure not to ad too much flour but just enough to shape them with your hands or two spoons. Let the dough raise 1,5-2 hours in a warm place with a cloth. When they are shaped let the dough adhere for 15-30 minutes. Bake at 200 degrees C in a normal oven for approximately 20minutes.


Is is possible to freeze the buns when they are cooled.   


Enjoy :)

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